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How Much Does a Website Cost? 

Marketing yourself on the web is important. When someone wants to know about you, they "Google" you. Often they will ask for a web address before a business card. And many business cards are now being used as a tool to advertise a website. It only takes a second to give your card to everyone you meet and your website can say the rest! It's the perfect way to show MANY people what you do in a very short amount of time. I can setup, design and maintain an affordable site for you. If you have good computer skills, I can also teach you how to make basic changes to your own site.

How I design your site:
My websites are created using, a great online company that I’ve been using for over 10 years.
This allows me to quickly design an affordable website for you with lots of bells and whistles.
It’s owned by you, accessible to you and can be edited by you, if you choose.

What I can provide for you:
• Over 30 years design experience
• Reliable and affordable design services
• Most projects can be designed via phone and/or email convos.
• Quick turnaround time for future additions or revisions
• Complete access and ownership of your website
• Basic tutorials on making your own text and photo changes
• Ability to check your hit stats and tracking
• Good advice and a sense of humor :)

A summary of charges for your website design:
Design charge: $300+
A $300. deposit is required to begin your website design. This amount will cover the first 8 hours of brainstorming
and design time needed to get your site off to a good start or even finished depending on what type of site you want.
Any continued design time or maintenance will be billed at $40./hr. I will keep you informed, as I go along, as to where
we are and what additional time will be involved in add-ons, changes or revisions.

Domain name: approx. $15/year.
If you don’t already have a domain name for your site you will need to purchase one. 
I recommend using GoDaddy because they are affordable and have great tech support.

Hosting your site: $19.95/month
Your site will be hosted by
The fee is $19.95/per month for a basic (non-ecommerce) website.
The account will be in your name and charges will go onto your credit card so
you have full ownership and control of your site.

Do you design ecommerce sites/shops?
I can design a site for you that offers PayPal payment options but shopping carts.

Want to make changes to your own site?
Are you comfortable with the computer? I offer training in how to make simple site changes.
This can be done over the phone and would be billable at $40/hour.

Where do we start?
Give me a call 860.346.5869 or an email for more details!